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Refresh my Memory

The Podcast

Discussions about life while caregiving for parents with dementia.

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August 15, 2023

Meet Nailah and Karen

Sisters United in Caregiving

We wear a lot of hats. Mothers. Southerners. Daughters. Wives. Creators. Entrepreneurs. Straight shooters.

Our journey in caregiving united us the most. We found peace in talking to each other.

Now we are ready to share our stories.

Elegant Abstract Floral Logo

Refresh my Memory

The Podcast

Refresh My Memory is a podcast about the journey of caring for parents with dementia.

Through a mix of storytelling, humor, and candid conversation, hosts Karen Good Marable and Nailah Elridge share their deep insights on what it means to navigate life as a caregiver, and hopefully build community in the process.

Join us weekly as we talk to medical experts, dementia advocates, fellow caregivers, and each other about an array of topics such as what it means to manage mom and dad, how to age responsibly, the importance of self-care, and trusting ourselves.

"When you're in the thick of it, you think you're by yourself."

But you're not alone...

Being a caregiver is tough. Let's ease the burden.

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Find Support

Find resources to help you along your caregiving journey.

Home caregiver taking care of elderly woman

Make Connections

Find support groups and people to join your caregiving support circle.

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Find a Way Forward

It's not easy, but we'll make it. Let's make the days lighter and easier.



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